Why It’s Also Important for Animals to Drink Filtered Drinking Water

Most people in urban areas are water-safety conscious, they’re drinking only bottled or filtered water; but not a few overlook their pet’s need for clean water too. However, animals need water that has sufficient sulfur content because some water filtration processes remove not only contaminants and harmful chemicals but also minerals.

Manufacturers of bottled drinking water and water filtration equipment use a proprietary filtration technology in removing impurities and harmful contaminants. However, if such technologies produce purified and distilled water, it means the water has also been stripped of its mineral content, particularly sulfur and salt.

Although mineral water is a better choice than the purified and distilled kind, health experts do not recommend mineral water as regular replacement for ordinary filtered tap water, which still retains sufficient amount of minerals and other nutrients.

The Importance of Filtered Drinking Water for Dogs

While many dog owners give their furry friends filtered drinking water, they should encourage their pet to drink more to attain proper hydration. It’s also important that the filtered water taken in by a dog contains a sufficient amount of sulfur. Based on scientific studies, the mineral is a combination of several nutrients proven as essential to animal health.
Tear staining for one, is an indication that a dog is not drinking clean unfiltered water. If that is the case, the dog may be diagnosed as having a build up of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) within their system and possibly, in high levels. The solution oft recommended is to properly hydrate the dog with filtered water.
Still, as some filtered water do not contain sulfur, and if the animal has no other source of sulfur except drinking water, the condition could lead to sulfur deficiency. Animal health experts explain that sulfur is a key component that helps regulate the body system that keeps animal body cells functioning properly.

Example of Water Filtration Technology that Retains Mineral Content of Water

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gives advice that while there are several different technologies in use, no manufacturer can claim that their processes can eliminate all kinds of contaminants. The CDC reminds consumers to carefully read labels and ro check product claims against independent sources. That way, they can make certain the product can make the water not only safe, but also healthy to drink.

To cite an example, Clearly Filtered, one of the leading manufacturers of water filtration devices and equipment, claims that its Affinity® Filtration Technology, can remove up to 99.9% of all kinds of contaminants. Yet the company gives assurance that their technology does not remove the minerals and nutrients that give the water its fresh flavor and healthy quality.

To clearly demonstrate its ability to remove as many as 220 contaminants and pollutants often found in water, the latest report of independent Lab Test Results can be accessed at the Clearly filtered website.