A dog is man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal,  loving and entertain you with countless funny stories. While your dog may only be a part of your life, to him you are everything. You are his whole world. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure the health and safety of your furry friend.

Nowadays, there are a growing number of people who are giving up ready meals not only for their animals but for themselves as well. Just like buying food supplements for you and your pet, make sure the products contain safe ingredients.

Human foods that will prove tasty and nutritious for your dog


Snacking on carrots is one of the healthiest snacks for a person. The same goes for dogs. Here are some of the health benefits that carrots offer your pup. Dental health may never have crossed your mind, but taking care of your dog’s mouth and teeth is very important.


Eggs can be very beneficial for your dog’s health, but they should not be consumed in excess. Raw egg whites can interfere with digestion and cause biotin deficiency. This can be avoided by heat-treating the eggs, but this can also reduce their overall nutritional value. To avoid any digestive upsets, stick to feeding your dog just a few eggs a week, which should be a combination of cooked and raw.

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Green beans

These vegetables are perfect for dogs who are overweight and need a healthy snack. They can be prepared in any way but must be served alone. Green beans seasoned with oil, salt, garlic, spices, or onions must not be given to the dog. It is best if it is empty to ensure the health and safety of your pet.


Salmon is usually included in the highest-end dog food products. It can do wonders for your dog’s health. However, you have to strictly monitor your dog’s consumption. You should only give salmon in small portions to your dogs. Also, you must check the quality of the fish in advance. Poor-quality salmon may hold a parasite that causes salmon poisoning. This disease is fatal and you must prevent this at all costs.


This dairy product is a perfect reward for dogs in all seasons. The frozen kind can keep dogs cool in the summer, while regular yogurt can keep them regular and healthy. Yogurt is full of calcium, just like fresh milk. Yogurt is high in calcium and will promote the health of your furry family member’s teeth and bones. Probiotics are a source of good bacteria that occur naturally in a mammal’s stomach.